Elmine Wijnia



I think, I write, I see, I film, I draw, I make.

My value is in the package.

As a Creative Mining Director I love to dig for stories worth sharing.


Since 2004, while running my own company, I’ve helped a lot of people learn about Social Media and coach them to embrace the online sharing/working environment.

I find film a very useful tool in projects that aim to change people’s behaviour and thinking. These are the kinds of changes that are very difficult to capture in a written document. I think of this as a great challenge to make these changes literally more visible by collecting anecdotes and telling stories on video.

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Back in 2002, while studying Communication Sciences at Twente University, I got fascinated with blogging. During the last phase of my studies I skipped the prescribed courses and created an individual programme to research this phenomenon from a philosophical point of view. This research resulted in a Master Thesis Een goed gesprek onder miljoenen ogen: het weblog als knooppunt voor online interactie, which I summarized in a paper for the BlogTalk conference in 2004.

Since then I have been educated by my peers at BlogTalks, Reboots, SHiFT, BarCamps, BlogWalks and their online writing.