How Facebook user data was used to micro target people (and change their views)

This topic deserves a lot of attention. The Cambridge Analytica Files as published by The Guardian today. As a communication philosopher, I have so many thoughts on this, but I need a bit of time to research and digest this topic. Please inform yourself on this topic and make up your mind how much data you want to share online with private companies. Start with watching an interview with the whistle blower in this story and then dive into these two articles:

Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach

How Cambridge Analytica turned Facebook ‘likes’ into a lucrative political tool


Is the internet disappointed in us?

The authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto are awarded with the CIPR President’s Medal. A huge recognition for the fundamental shift in thinking about the web they caused with the manifest they wrote in 1999.

If you haven’t heard of The Cluetrain Manifesto before, you can read the original text online and find a bit more background information at wikipedia.

David Weinberger gave a lecture for the CIPR, titled ‘Is the internet disappointed in us?’ He triggers a lot of thoughts which I will need to mull over for a bit. For now, here’s the lecture to watch for yourself.


A map of Europe

Peter Rukavina reused a calendar of historic maps to create something new. We received one of Europe in the mail today. Thanks Peter! I love it!



The Nutritionist – Andrea Gibson

The Nutritionist – Andrea Gibson

When I thought I hit bottom, it started hitting back.

A wonderful poem, beautifully told.


We’re still figuring out how to cope with access to everything in your pocket

A new paper is published which investigates the unusual rise of depression in teens in the US between 2010 and 2015.

What happened so that so many more teens, in such a short period of time, would feel depressed, attempt suicide and commit suicide? After scouring several large surveys of teens for clues, I found that all of the possibilities traced back to a major change in teens’ lives: the sudden ascendance of the smartphone.

(Source: The Conversation)

We need to remind ourselves and our kids that we’re still figuring out what the infinite possibilities in our pocket does to us. We don’t know what is healthy, what is too much, what is too little. We’re riding a massive wave without practice, so it’s not surprising that lots of (young) people seem to drown.

The best advise to all seems to be to enjoy looking at your screen in moderation, just like all other addictive substances.


I wish I could see this

This is what Melissa McCracken sees when she listens to music. I wish I could see music this way (and paint as good!).

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