The death of Mandela led to many of my friends from all over the world posting something on Facebook, either a quote, a picture or an article. It touched me that so many people felt the need to say something and they inspired me to write this:

The bees are humming quietly
The leopards rest their claws
No ant today will cross his steps
And snakes will keep their rattle still
Merely the birds fly high and wild
For all have lost their precious child

No single man is ignorant
No woman left untouched
The captured firmly fold their hands
And free men raise their hopeful arms
Merely the baby cries out loud
For all have lost their precious child

The willows weep their silent song
The roses bow their heads
No river’s running wild today
And wind is keeping to himself
Merely dust whispers soothing sound
For all have lost their precious child

– Elmine Wijnia –


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