Welcome to 2017!

It’s been hectic for the past two years in my life. All the while I (re)discovered my need for writing. Even did a creative writing course which resulted in a good writing routine…until my daughter was born. Since september 2016 I sort of got back to a working and writing routine, but that all got messed up last December when we decided to sell our house and leave Enschede (a plan that was 3 years in the making). It resulted in a frantic search for a new place, but that search ended sooner than we expected when we came to an agreement with the owners of a wonderful house in Amersfoort. We ‘bought’ it the day before Christmas. So yes, it is time to regroup after the Holidays and get my routines back on track. At least until we move house (between 1st April and 1st of May).

This article inspires me to get started again. No matter how short the time available is (in between play time and feeding a 7 months old girl), I’ll grab the opportunity to write. And perhaps discover the idea for the next big story to write.


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