I have read the article as well. While I’m not happy with the autoplay on youtube, which always gets kids into “one more” mode, I didn’t see anything scary and dumb in what comes up in the list when I do look. But we do limit screen time, especially passive entertainment time, and we watch lots of things together on youtube, which also helps forming what its algorithms bring in as next.

I also feel good of not having ipads anymore (two broken in accidents and not replaced). They are really easy to use for small kids, portable and addictive. It’s way too easy to give one (with good educational games) to the kids when they have to wait in a public space or sit long during traveling. And then they ask for more and don’t have time to learn how to look out of the window, talk or entertain themselves.

Anyway, happy to see you writing on those things. I’d be happy to hear more about your choices at an intersection of technology and parenting. In particularly I’d love to hear more about your choices in respect to online photos of your daughter – what are the reasoning behind? do you have any photos of her (face) online or totally not? do you have any secure channels to share some of it with your family?