I too have suffered from “readers block” and this is a helpful post for letting me know I’m not alone 😉

I have found the “put technology aside” tip the most useful for me: while it can be helpful and seem like a benefit to have a Wikipedia-equipped phone at the ready while reading, especially while reading non-fiction (“Hold on: did Armand Hammer the person have anything to do with Arm & Hammer the baking soda brand?”), in my experience this leads to rabbit-holing that distracts from the reading process.

Ideally I would be helicoptered onto a remote island with a comfortable chair with all other technology on the mainland; saving that, I’ve found that simply leaving my phone in another room to charge creates enough “no, I won’t get up the couch to answer that question about baking soda” friction to keep me focused.

The other things I wish I could find is a chair that would be reading-optimized. So much furniture is optimized for TV watching, socializing, etc., and not optimized for sitting with something in my lap; this is doubly challenging for me, as because I wear bifocals now, the zone of my eyeglasses that works best for reading is small, and to avoid neck and back and eye strain requires that the book be positioned in a relatively narrow band.