De STORYmines aanpak

deconstruct-h100You know you have something to tell, and you know others need to hear what you have to tell, yet, grabbing other people’s attention is so, so hard.

I will help you deconstruct your idea and then reconstruct it into a story that catches attention. A good story is something we, being human, will easily tune into. Really.

Creating a story is hard work though. It requires a lot of chiseling and hammering to transform your raw material into a sculpture that people will love to look at and will take pictures of to show to their friends.

Over the past few years I’ve learned a few tricks though, and I love to start sculpting together with you.

A good story wants to travel. Walk the earth, spread its wings and be heard. It needs legs or wings to do that, also known as a body.

The shape of that body depends on how you want to tell the story, who should know about your story, and how many stories you have to tell. It could be a presentation, a blogpost or a video or take any other shape to attract attention.

I will shape your stories with you.

I support you each step of the way, to create your story , bring it to life and give it a home. For all those steps I bring methods, tools and experience.

I help you create a space to confidently share your stories, both online and offline, through talking, writing or filming.