how I writeI really love writing. It’s the one thing that stayed with me throughout the years, right from the moment I wrote my first poems around the age of ten. To get better at it I write a lot. Little observations, short stories, poems. It can be anything really. Sometimes I like to draw as well. Putting those short stories on my blog feels a little uncomfortable. Lots of things I write need serious editing before I want to put it in the permanent trough of Google and colleagues. Therefore my writings are for my eyes only, causing the words and sentences to feel desperate for attention.

Until now.

Instead of publishing stories on my blog, avoiding all the extra effort of polishing them to be worthy of publishing, I created a space between private and public: an email list.


Yeah. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but have you looked at reader stats of blogs lately? RSS is dead. Sadly.

So here it is, your subscription form to receive Elmine’s Random Stories. Sign up for my mailinglist and you’ll randomly receive stories written by me. The stories may take any form or shape. They may not even be stories in your definition. No guarantees about quality and pace. I try not to (over)edit them, to battle my perfectionism. They come as they come, and they are about the things they are about.

Some of them are written in Dutch, my native language.
Some of them are written in English, my best language after Dutch.

If you want to be treated to my writings once in a while, sign up now. The words and sentences will be very thankful!

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